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Welcome a New Year with your best style

This post will be a little different than last ones. First of all, I haven't posted for a while and the reason for
it is in these pictures. Low-quality pictures. I wanted to write a post about clothes and style for New Year's Eve but ended up not posting it. I've taken these pictures with my sister's phone because her phone has better quality than mine phone has. The reason why I took them with a phone is that my camera got broken and it's not fixable. A few days ago I decided I will post even though the quality is really bad. I will not stop posting until I get a good camera. For helping me and see a little more about this situation and my story click right here. 

I wanted, of course, take good-quality pictures and share a little inspirational post on what to wear on New Year's Eve. At the end of this post, I will share with you best trendy pieces that you can wear and welcome a New Year in your best style.
For this post, I got inspired by Gloria - Croatian beauty magazine. I cut these outfits from their amazing, inspiring magazine and hopefully, we will inspire you.
You can see best trends of this year and step into the New Year with. From a casual look to elegance. From elegance to luxurious style. I'll help you by the end of this post find those inexpensive outfits so stay tuned.

If I leave my house for New Year's Eve (lol... yeahhh) I will probably wear something like this! Casual but cute and trendy. 2017 was all about leather, especially leather trousers and we can all agree they will stay one of the hottest pairs of clothes in 2018 as well. You can wear them with the most basic jumper you have in your closet and I promise you will still look great. If you feel like wearing heels you should definitely go for it! If not, you can wear it with boots and your favorite coat and be sooo stylish! :)

Baggy will always be trendy! At least in my opinion. If you know how to wear it, you can not fail. Why couldn't you wear it on New Year's Eve? There is no good reason not to. A picture on the right shows us that simple outfit can look really good. It's a runway look and we love it, right?

This is an example for those girls that love to dress up. It doesn't have to be serious while being classy. I love these looks so much! If you would like to rock these outfits scroll down for some classy pieces!

Here is more leather. Can you tell I like leather a lot??
But for real, is there any possibility to fail with leather or black color? I think not. So if you "don't have anything to wear" just go with black. Black is elegance, black is classy, black is rock 'n' roll, black is everything.

This autumn and winter was all about baker boy hat and let's suppose it will stay on trend for a little while. And there is a good reason why... Everyone loves them. Okay, maybe not everyone, but those who don't like them will probably start liking it very soon. At the end of this post, there is linked baker boy hat from Nasty Gal that every girl wants!

More leather on my blog?
I love the fact that everything is a trend today. We can literally wear anything and look on point! From chic to rock, from rock to classy, from classy to boho and so on. So anything that you like to wear, feel good in, WEAR IT! If you are wearing it with confidence, you look amazing!

Yes to the jeans! Yes to the heels! Yes to the sneakers! Yes to the coat! Yes to the jacket! Wear what you feel good in and welcome a New Year with a style!

Now my best picks. On bolding writing, you can click to see the item. None of these was sponsored I just truly love these outfits!
If you want a casual winter look:

If you want a casual look in warmer places:

If you want an elegant look:

If you want a luxury look:

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