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Sweater weather; Outfit of the day

After I got this sweater I have realized there are so many red sweaters around me! Wherever I go there is a red sweater, red jumper, red boots, so many people wearing red! Found myself scrolling through Instagram, so many girls wearing red! Of course, I mean it's Christmas time. But we all know we will wear them for a longer time. Am I right gals?
For the sweater click here!

Here are a few shots that I took in the red sweater so you can see what I wore it with. (btw shout out to my friend Gabrijela that took these photos, check hers amazing shoots here)
You can style the red sweater in so many ways. Here's one of them. If you are interested in seeing me wearing it in different styles you can leave a comment and I'll be happy to do it!

Now let's talk about pieces of this outfit. I wore red sweater with a black skirt, black tights, black bag and black knee high boots. The black skirt is from Shein as well. I got these black tights from my sister as a gift from Christmas and I'm taking an opportunity to wish all the humans that are celebrating Christmas a Merry Christmas and I wish to every beautiful human being all the best in the whole world!
Now we can go back to an outfit haha. I'm not sure where the bag is from but one thing that I'm sure of is that you can find the similar one everywhere! I could tell the same thing for black knee high boot but if you want the same ones you can check it out.

In the previous post, I wrote the fact that everything is IN right now. Every style is acceptable right now... We live in the era in which we can wear anything we want! Of course, you could have worn everything you wanted in the past as well. But there is a big difference. Today people are less judgemental about girls wearing bras in public and similar things than they were before.
We can all agree on the fact that things have changed. I personally love the fact that anyone can wear anything they feel comfortable in.
I'm really interested what do you think about that? Do you like the fact that things have had changed? Do you like the fact that today we can call almost everything a trend?

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I hope you are enjoying your holidays with people you love the most! Don't forget to cherish love, hope, and peace!!

Love, Tina


  1. You are so stunning babe, love this red sweater!
    x Rubi
    Pose & Repeat

  2. I have the same! Yesterday I was wearing red in school and like 10 other girls were wearing red too. Anyways love your shoes! X


    1. Yesss! Seems like red will stay for a while :) Thank you so much! xx