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Grow long, healthy hair fast

Hello gals!

A few years ago I had a problem with growing my hair so I started Google how to make hair healthy and long, I watched so many Youtube videos seeing all those girls having amazing long and healthy hair. I learned a lot about hair care from Google and Youtube so I want to share with you the best tips that will make your hair grow like you want to. 
Let's grow out hair healthier! 

Most important tips!
  1. When it comes to hair (or literally everything) the most important thing would be WATER. Before you keep reading this post go, drink a glass of water and thank me later. 
  2. Back then I have had a lot of split ends which I didn't want to cut thinking my hair will grow anyway. It doesn't. Trust me, you have to get rid of split ends no matter how many inches of hair you have to cut. It will pay off because your hair will grow faster then. If you keep your split ends your hair won't grow anymore! I understand, it's so hard to cut your hair especially when you want long hair in that period of time but you have to! From then on your hair will definitely grow faster. 
  3. The third tip would be to stop using heat. Or at least use it less. For an example, I don't use hair dryer unless I'm in a hurry and when I use it I make sure that it blows cold air. When it comes to flat/curling iron try to use it only for special occasions. I have naturally curly hair so, of course, I love the straight hair... But I am still trying to use the flat iron as least as possible.
Those would be the three most important tips in my opinion but you should also know that it's not very good to wash your hair every day. I get you, you want your hair to look nice, but your hair needs to "produce the natural oil" so try to wash your hair at least every 2 or 3 days.
When you wash your hair make sure you shampoo the scalp gently, massage it a bit and wash it with water normally, so don't shampoo the ends of the hair. Leave conditioner to sink in for a few minutes then wash it with cold water.
Say yes to the hair mask and hair oil!
You can use any hair mask you want to. Try to use it at least once a week and you will notice the difference.
There are a lot of oils for hair. If you want to make your hair look healthier you should try (personally my fav) coconut oil (use it before washing your hair). You can put it on the scalp, ends, or through the whole length of hair). For better growth use castor oil; mix it with olive oil and massage it on the scalp.
If you can afford a little bit of expensive oil you should definitely try Moroccan oil. You won't regret it!! Yes, it does cost a little more than usual oils for hair but it really does its work. After washing your hair just put few drops of it on your palms and go through your hair leaving your hair shiny and giving it the goddess smell!

Hope you like this post and you learn a bit from this tips! :)
You should definitely leave a comment if you liked it and if you maybe want to see my hair care routine! 

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