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10 Essentials Every Gal Should Have In Her Closet 2018

collage by missguided blog

There are so many little things that every gal should have in her closet. Everyone is familiar with little black dress. When a gal is going somewhere (let say special) and has nothing to wear (if you a gal, you understand) she will put that little black dress and still look like a million bucks. A few minutes ago she was in dilemma and tadaaaaa...
Fashion changes through the years and some things go out of the style and some things come back (even tho we were laughing at it a few years ago, am I right?). Some essentials will be wearing through this whole year. Here are some of them that you will definitely need this year.
You can't fail with these cute essentials that you will find while scrolling.

Cute thighs. We wore them last year and guess what? We will wear them through 2018. Every girl needs this in her closet! At the picture below the rising star, Kaia Gerber is wearing Alexander Wang thighs "No After Party". They are pretty cool but let's face it, we can still rock this style with thighs that are a little bit cheaper. And luckily we can find cute thighs almost at every shop, online store, etc. You can style them with almost everything that you have in your wardrobe. You don't have to put much effort into styling them. You can put on your sneakers just like Kaia did or you can even wear them with your rock 'n' roll boots, it's all up to you and I know you will know how to style them to look amazing. 

Black leather trousers. Also seen many of them on the streets last year. When you say black leather trousers all I see is a business gal aware of her power. It is all about girl power, right? Don't wanna move far from the main topic hehe. Essential in closet...right. Although they look sooo good with heels you can wear them with sneakers as well. Know your power and walk these in heels! :)

One shoulder top. Yes! 2018! One shoulder top this is your year! Back in style and I can't wait to see what kinds of them will be made. I can already imagine all the creativity putting in this cute girl essential. Even tho you can wear it in one color, most seen in black, white, red and look absolutely amazing, imagine how good would you look in... let's say camo one shoulder top combined with black high waisted jeans. You already imagine yourself in it and you like it, right? (*yelling girl power!!*) I keep telling myself this post is not about girl power, let's move to another essential, please.

Off shoulder top. Similar to the last one. Most girls were wearing this in last year, but if you don't have this kind of top in your closet you should buy it. You can find so many of them really cheap yet so cute. Buying this top is definitely paying off, I promise, you will not be able to stop wearing this; first: looks soo good, second: comfy! third: can wear it with anything you want!

Cigarette trousers. How good are they I mean?! I want them in every color possible. If you want to dress up, this is what you need this year! Classy cigarette trousers. I have to admit that I don't have cigarette trousers yet preaching about how you should have them. As soon I find the perfect fit you will get a new post #ootw.

Polka dot dress. Parisian outfits, please! Perfect for the summer vacation. Be sure to buy few of them for your vacation cause you will not get tired of them! In my opinion polka dot dress looks the best with sneakers. Such a casual "didn't put too much effort" style. Be ready to see so many of these through the summer.

Longneck sweater. While winter still lasts you cannot look bad with longneck sweater. Don't stand a scarf? Not a problem. Wear this. I'm sure you already have this kind of sweater so get it out of your closet because it has to be worn!! It is in style. It is easy to combine (literally goes with everything). Don't have an idea? Now you have.

Baker boy hat. I spent so many hours finding the perfect one for me (be patient, a little surprise is coming). If I have had finally found one for me I am sure you will find it for you also. Some people don't like this hat, some people do. If you like it, wear it, if not then don't. Warning: so many pictures of me with this hat in the future. I sincerely apologize.
So Parisian! So beautiful! So back in style!

Camo. Camo top. Camo jacket. Camo trousers. Camo anything. Camo yes!
Prepare yourself for so much of camo at 2018. That's all I have to say. :)

Blazer dress. I think this is actually just started to be worn. Absolutely adore this style. What do you think?
Blazer is such good piece of outfit yet I think it's not wearing enough. Do you understand what I'm saying? This has to be worn! Blazer, blazer dress. Whatever it is, it looks so good with anything you wear. That's why I think you need this piece of the outfit in your closet. You will see so many of these on the streets. Before everyone starts to rock these outfits, why don't you start first? hehe

Finishing this post with Kaia's outfit because this is Kaia's year. Would you agree?
I'm not saying you need her in your closet. (trying to be funny but it's so hard while blogging)
Anyway... Baker boy hat - check. Cam jacket - check. Leather leggings - check. One thing that you may or may not need in your closet is a fanny pack which in my opinion Kaia showed us how to wear. She is wearing a fanny pack very often over her shoulder and I think that may be popular in 2018 as well.
She is killing street styles lately. If you want a post about Kaia's best street style, feel free to comment on this post. 

And of course if you would like to comment anything about this post, just comment below and I can't wait to hear it from you. Hope you liked it!

Love, Tina


  1. We have a long way to go haha we only own a few of these

    A Pair of Ones  Bloglovin

    1. Haha, you have time 'till 2019, you'll get there lol

  2. I couldn't agree more with all of these essential items! My favorite would definitely be the cigarette trousers, polka dot dress, and off the shoulder top!


    1. Hehe I'm so glad you liked it. Thank you very much :) xoxo