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How to style the LEATHER

The trend that is back in style blew our mind. The leather!
If you are asking me, leather is a trend number one right now. In this post, you can find different outfit ideas combined with the leather so if you need an inspiration you can hopefully find it here.
On the bottom of the photo, I will post where you can shop the item.
They are my personal favorites so I hope you will like them as well!

Firstly I'll show you leather outfits that I like the most then a couple of tops you could wear with amazing trending leather trousers!
I can not wait to see you gals rocking it!!

Shop these black leather trousers here.
I haven't shopped at MissGuided yet but they have quite amazing clothes! I think you won't regret buying these trendy trousers!

Red leather pants! Wow! 
If you like bringing attention with your clothes these are perfect for you! Check them out at PrincessPolly.

These trousers are from MissGuided as well. You can find many celebs wearing similar to these ones. They are so IN!

These ones are the most simple ones. If you find your style kind of "normal" these ones are for you! MissGuided once again showing they are following the trends!

And if you're looking for most basic leather leggings Zara got your back! You can wear them with literally anything!

Going to a fancy dinner? ..or just like wearing adorable dresses? This one shoulder mini dress is waiting for you at MissGuided!

This dress is affordable! Yes, it's true! It's just so perfect, nothing else to say... Click here for this hella good dress! 

If you fell in love with this trend, you will need a couple of tops to fulfill your outfit! Here are some cute tops that are going perfectly with leather trousers!

This top is perfect for hanging out with friends, whether it would be cinema, brunch, festival. It goes almost with everything. It's kinda basic yet makes every outfit better. So I'm sure it would go perfectly with your new leather trousers and some cute black booties!

I have been seeing this kind of top way too much on Instagram yet I love it every time! It fits perfectly with black trousers as you may already see on the picture. PrincessPolly knows fashion!

If you want an edgier look, a ripped T-shirt is definitely your choice! "I did not even try that much" kind of look.

Last but not least... Don't feel like trying? Here. White T-shirt. Seems like you just put the first thing from your closet. With some leather goes hella fine!

I really hope you like the post and found some inspiration while visiting this blog. If you feel inspired you should definitely comment down below. If you didn't, you should comment as well, tell me if there is anything you would like me to improve while I'm still new here. Hope there is not (hehe).
Thank you for reading this post! Feeling pretty excited about the next one!!
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